Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We accepted our referral

We took all the medical reports and her pictures to out Pediatric Dr.  She said everything looks great.  After the appointment we got all the paperwork together and sent it to CHI.  Now we just wait for a court date.  Our Agency told us we may have a court date in about 5 weeks!  I am going to try not to get my hopes up because of the holidays court dates may not come so quickly.  Keep your fingers crossed please :o)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Today is just so surreal!  We got our call for our little lady; she is 2 months old,healthy, and absolutly breath taking!   Everyone always seems to want to know about the call so hear it is...

Jon had my cell phone today becasue the battery kept losing power so he took it back to the cell place.  I had not realized he put his in my car so neither of us had our cells.  Next apparently I had given a fax number on our application so Sharon called that number and could not reach me.  Then Jon was volunteerring at a place called Project CURE so he was not at work to receive the call.  When Jon got to work he got the message from Sharon saying she would like to speak to us but she would be in a meeting till 1:00 her time, 12:00 my time and then she would be leaving for the day at 2:00 her time, 1:00 my time.  We got this message at 12:45 our time so as you can imagine our frantic call to Sharon.

Unfortunately we got her voice mail.  I was so afraid we would not get her before 1:00 our time and we would have to wait till Thursday to know what she wanted.  I went home to get my son off the bus (he had a short day) then my phone rang and it was Jon and Sharon.  She told us we had a baby girl and that she was just beautiful (understatement) and that she was healthy, the rest is a blurr.  The boys are IN LOVE; they want her to sleep in their batman bed.  We have talked about changing the name we had picked (Hasina) to something else, so we asked the boys and so far GIRL BUZZ LIGHTYEAR is the front runner.

My house has been grand central station with all the calls and I can't seem to get this smile off my face :o)  Now the real wait begins!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still no referral...

We still have not gotten our referral but the Ethiopia program is still giving them out, boys lots of boys!  I am very happy for any family and child finding each other .  I know I may be a little partial but I think boys are amazing so all the boys finding homes makes me smile ;o)  Don't let me fool you it still makes me a tad jealous but still happy all in one, I think I've mentioned my emotional roller coaster ride.
On another note I got to see my friends Andrea and Ryan's new additions and they are soo sweet!  I got to help  out a little and play with them while Andrea put the older kids to bed; that was fun and Naomi fell a sleep on me...  I must say I am SO ready for Hasina to come home!  Soon Soon

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Noah and Naomi Home at Last!

My friends Andrea and Ryan have had their referrals for Naomi and Noah since June!  They had to wait through the two month court closure so it has been a long wait to get them here.   They are all home now and really getting to start the bonding process with their new little angels, Check out their blog link to the left "St Clair" :o)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sibling Referral Today

A family today received a referral for twins!  Sibling referrals are harder to come by they have been waiting for 11 months!  I am sure they are over the moon and I am so happy that they will be a family soon ;o)  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Wait

I feel compelled to write this post regarding the wait for our little girl.  When we started the process for Ethiopia the wait for a referral was 3-4 months.  We have now reached 7 months today; this is nothing compared to domestic adoption for an infant nor compared to the wait in China, but when you prepare yourself for 4 months and you go seven it gets to you.  I have been on an emotional roller coaster.  I can be totally positive and know she is coming to us soon one minute then go to bawling because I am so anxious to have her but her Ethiopia Mom will have to do something so selfless so that I can have a daughter.  I have always  been so excited to see referrals come in but now that we are so close I am so jealous that it is not us.  Some days I feel that it may never happen!  Jon and I have now stopped calling each other during the day; instead we email because it is almost painful to hear the phone ring when it is not the news we wanted.  I thought this process would be easier than pregnancy but right now I feel as though I am in my tenth month and it stinks!  I know these feelings will subside as soon as I see her face and know that there will be an ending to this pain when she is in my arms,  but for today I ache.